Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago's Favorite Pet Photographer

Hello there! I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having (at least here in Chicago) for the past week. It looks like it will continue through the weekend!

I have a big favor to ask all of you. I am currently in the running for Chicago's Favorite Pet Photographer through Rovernight Network's Rover Ranking polls. Would you please go and vote for Tails of Love Photography? The poll only requires that you enter your name, email address, Photographer name (Tails of Love Photography), and market (Chicago).

If Tails of Love is the winner there will be a special gift for all of our Facebook fans (so make sure to like us too)!

Click HERE to go to the voting page. Then click on the camera to vote for Tails of Love!

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Hugs & Wags, Jess

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Maggie

Today is my pups birthday.  Maggie is 7 years old.  She has brought so much joy to my life for the last 7 years.  Through good times and bad she has been the one constant thing in my life and has never ceased to bring a smile to my face.  I love her with all my heart and I love that she is so excited to see me every time I walk in through the door.

Now as most of you dog owners out there know, it's not all smiles and laughs (as an incident with my sister-in-law's puppy reminded me today).  So in honor of Maggie's 7th birthday, here are the top 7 things that have tested my love for her over the years:

7.  Having to chase Maggie around the neighborhood when she once got out of the yard by running straight through our fence while chasing a bunny.  The runner she approached looked terrified but Maggie sat right in front of him wagging her tail waiting for her chance to give him a kiss.

6.  Maggie is a hand (paw) holder.  Anytime we've had company over she wants to make sure they are paying the most amount of attention to her and she achieves this by making them hold her paws as we carry on conversations.

5.  Maggie hates the windshield wipers.  The first time I realized this I just picked her up from the vet and it was pouring.  I put the car in reverse, flipped on the wipers, and then suddenly had a 60 lb dog on my dash trying to get the wiper through the glass.  I had to take her back into the vet to see if they had any suggestions for me.  His direct quote..."Wow, in 21 years of working with animals, I've never seen that."  Leave it to my dog.  (We have made great strides in alleviating her fear.  She is still a bit uncomfortable with the wipers going but she doesn't feel the need to protect me from them anymore.)

4.  When she was a pup, Maggie once kept me up all night (on a work night) pulling my blanket off of me, biting my toes, trying to play.  I was very tired at work the next day but still managed to love her.  :)

3.  On above night, I tried locking her in the bathroom (with a bed) to get some sleep.  She ate a hole through the door.  That is a pretty big feat for a 10 week old 15 lb puppy.

2.  At the age of 6 months, Maggie ate a couch.  Well, she didn't really eat it per say, but she did dig on the bottom lining enough that when I came home from work and sat down, I fell straight through to the floor.

1.  When Maggie was three, she somehow found a needle and ate it.  I had no idea until she started getting sick late one night and we had to rush her to the pet ER in the middle of the night.  That was one long car ride with lots of stops.  They took an x-ray and saw the needle.  They had to do emergency surgery to remove it (along with the dust bunny it was wrapped up in).

Now, if you only knew those things about Maggie you'd probably ask why the heck I love her so much.  Well like I said before, she has been with me all the good times and bad throughout my life.  She never judges me or asks too many questions.  She loves unconditionally and always keeps life interesting.  She has made me laugh when I want to cry, smile when I want to scream, and keep going when I want to give up.  She cuddles me when I'm sick and reminds me that life is good.

It is hard to imagine anyone loving a dog any more than I love her. 

Hugs & Wags, Jess

P.S.  My sister-in-laws puppy seems to be fine.  I don't want anyone worrying about it since I sort of mentioned it in passing up above.  And just so you all can get a visual...this is Guinness with his brother Jack.